In these sections we explain you our routes although we do not like to give excessive details so that you do not miss the essential sense of adventure these cruises must have. But do not worry, we will always dive the best sites, some of them only known by very few operators. Remember that we can always arrange any special route if you charter the Ondina only for you and your friends.

The Stars

Komodo Straits (Bima – Labuhanbajo-Bima): Dragons

Rajah Ampat (Sorong – Sorong): Paradise Birds

Cenderawasih Bay (Manokwari – Biak – Manokwari): Wrecks and Whale Sharks

The Amazing

Rajah Ampat (Sorong) – Bitung (Lembeh Strait): Paradise Birds + Sultans and Critters Galore

Bali – Komodo (Bima): Gods and Dragons

Maumere – Ambon: Volcanoes and Sultans

Lembeh Strait (Bitung) – Wakatobi (Baubau or Kendari): Critters Galore and Krisses

Maumere – Rajah Ampat (Sorong): Volcanoes and Paradise Birds