Raja Ampat

Paradise Birds: Sorong – Sorong

In this route we use Sorong in Papua as embarking/disembarking port and its airport for incoming and outgoing flights.

The Raja Ampat archipelago…

…owns the worldwide record of the greatest number of different species found in one single dive. What else do we need to say?…….ok, just add the most pristine and colourfull coral gardens, outstanding landscapes, primitive fishing villages and of course, Paradise Birds !


Leaving from the port of Sorong, in the “Bird’ s head peninsula”, we will travel through the archipelago from the island of Waigeo in the north to Misool in the south. The area where we will sail holds the record of the biggest number of different species counted in a single dive. National Geographic compares the species found here with the ones that can be seen in Palau. The reefs of Raja Empat enjoy a healthy marine biodiversity with more than 400 species of coral having been discovered here. Besides the abundance of fauna, this region contains numerous wrecks of Japanese ships and aeroplanes from the terrible battles held during the Second World War in this area. All the ingredients for a perfect adventure!
In brief: From Sorong to the Dampier Straits and from there to Aljui Bay, West Waigeo. Next to Kawe-Wayag, on the Northern end of the group, and down to Fam. Way  South to Misool and back to Dampier and Sorong.

Main dive sites:

Waterlogged, a wall with caves and crevices rich in invertebrate life and critters is one of the highlights in the North. Sardine Reef is an underwater hill in the middle of the straits with schools of fish. In the South, Fiabacet, two little inlets joined by a ridge underwater, and muck diving in the jetties in front of the village of Yenbeser and Airborei. Also Jamur Boo, Manta Mantra and Black Beauty.

General characteristics of the dives:

Diving in fringing reefs around karst “mushroom” islands that combine walls and slopes with plenty of passages, canyons and caves. Also underwater ridges and muck diving in jetties and black sand slopes. Wreck of a WWII P-47 plane.


Land Tours:

Early morning walk through the canopy outside a village to see the birds of paradise on a display tree. Visit to a pearl farm in Waigeo. Tender boat tours through the labyrinth of inlets and lagoons in Fam and Misool. Climb to the top for breathtaking views in Wayag Island.



Bring light clothes. Sun protection during the day. Temperature of the water 26-28°C, slightly colder in the North. 3 or 5 mm suit. Visibility variable, average 15/20 m. Ideal for wide-angle photography, but macro also good. Presents like clothes, t-shirts and specially school materials for the children of the village are always welcome. Please avoid any plastic goods which may end up in the sea.