Raja Ampat- Lembeh Strait

Paradise Birds and Critters Galore: Sorong – Bitung
  • Embarking port: Sorong in Papua. Closest airport: Sorong.
  • Disembarking port: Bitung in Sulawesi. Closest airport: Manado. We take care of the transfer.



From Raja Ampat to Lembeh, through Pulau Pisang, the Patintie Straits, the Goraici Group and the island of Tifore in Halmahera.

Main dive sites:

In Raja Ampat Sardine Reef , an underwater hill in the middle of the straits with schools of fish, and Fiabacet, two little inlets joined by a ridge underwater. In Halmahera Ric’s Rocks, a tiny inlet in the middle of the straits, exposed to the current and populated by blacktip reef sharks. In Lembeh Straits Hairball and Jahir are two of the most productive black sand slopes in the area.

General characteristics of the dives:

This route really enjoys the entire range of environments, from the best coral in Raja Ampat (ideal for wide-angle), schools, turtles and sharks in Halmahera (medium zoom) and muck diving in Lembeh, the best macro in the archipelago.

Land tours:

Tender boat tours through the labyrinth of inlets and lagoons in Fam and Misool. Walk through one of the traditional villages in Papua or Maluku, and visit a small private museum in Lembeh, with Tarsios, Babirusa and salt-water crocodiles.


Bring light clothing. Use sunscreen during the day. Water temperature is 26º-28º C.  3-to 5mm wetsuit is reccommneded. Visibility is variable and averages 15/20m. This destination is ideal for shooting wide angle in the first part of the cruise, but the macro paradise in the last days in Lembeh Strait. Presents like clothes, t-shirts and specially school materials for the children of the village are always welcome. Please avoid any plastic goods which may end up in the sea.