Photos & Contests

In this section we will be showing the best shots that you, our divemasters, our friends and those great photographers we have been lucky to have onboard, have taken when cruising with us, either underwater or in some of those beautiful places we visit during our land tours and extensions. Do not forget to send us your best shots taken during your cruise with us either to participate in our Photo Contest or just asking me to show them in our gallery.

To thank our guests and fans we will celebrate two competitions per year with very important prizes: “The SMY Ondina Photo Competition” and “The Cultural Enigma”.

SMY Ondina

The construction, the launching, her interiors, the equipment, her crew and some really beautiful landscape with SMY Ondina as the main star.

Marine Life

Photos of the incredible marine life from the areas where we sail taken by our dive-masters and collaborators.

Your Photos

In this section we will be showing the photos you took during your cruise with the SMY Ondina and you kindly sent them to us to be shown here. Someday we may find them in the Great Photographers Gallery!

Photos from our Contest

In this category we will show a selection of the best photos that have participated in our Photo Competition

Great Photographers

The photos of those reputed and well known UW photographers we are lucky enough to have onboard and who are kind enough to lend us some of their images for our delight. Thank you very much and enjoy them!


We will try to show the incredible beauty of Indonesia, its landscapes and their people to encourage you to extend your visit in this wonderful country.


Here you will find the info to participate  in our two important Competitions.