Type of routes

Routes to enjoy the Mistery of Exploration, the excitement of Adventure and the Guaranty of Sailing with Experts in this Paradise of Nature!!

Consolidated Cruises

Cruises in the regions where we have been sailing for many, many years now: Komodo, Rajah Ampat. We sail for adventure despite that SMY Ondina knows them very deeply. Every single dive has its own name and only if the group want, we will jump for the pleasure of discovery. Very special cruises for UW photographers and for those who don’t want to take risks.
Join a group of friends and ask for our special discounts for groups!!!.

Special Cruises

These are the crossings between well known areas. We will sail for some diving in rarely visited areas exploring during a few days between dives in well known areas.
You will never fail joining any of these cruises!

Exploratory Cruises

We explore new areas where the reputation of being Excellent diving sites is already attracting the first pioneers. After some personal exploration and some collection of GPS points and comments from locals and other operatos we set sails to enjoy the rare privilege of being probably the first ones to ever dive in some of those sites and visit those remote islands apart from enjoying the superb diving in well known places along the way.
These cruises are really worthy !!

Appointed Cruises

Cruises with special land tours, special photo workshops by well known UW Photographers, special exploratory cruises for what the SMY Ondina has been specially chartered for by Filming Crews or Research Teams. These are excellent opportunities to dive with real experts, to participate in a UW Photo or Sub Biology Workshop, to live a special adventure with a famous adventurer or with a well known personality and listen to those amazing stories they explain.
These Cruises are to be remembered all your life !!

To take into account
  • The diving schedule usually consists of 3/4 dives a day, all of them with sunlight. Night dives will be available, with the exception of overnight sailing and weather or safety conditions. First and last day of the cruise we will dive according to flight schedules of each diver.
  • All our cruises include short land excursions along the way.
  • We reccomend a 2nd level diving certification or a minimum of 50 signed dives in your personal logbook to fully enjoy all dives in our cruises. Some dives are in strong currents and a minimum experience of every single diver is key for the safety of the group.