Full Boat Charters

Full Boat Charters in Scheduled Routes: Diving Charters

Do you want to charter us for you and your friends ? We can personalise the cruise for your group needs, likings or skills. Just tells us !! The relocation cost for bringing the SMY ONDINA or MY OCEANIC to her original port of embarkation or disembarkation must be accounted for.

NON Divers Charters

We also arrange Non Divers Cruises. Our routes can also be enjoyed without diving: Paradise beaches, fishing villages, island hopping, National Parks, rituals and millenary ceremonies will make the best frame for a well deserved exotic holidays.

of Scheduled Routes
Divers Special Cruises
Discount Ondina:

4 pax free of charge


3 pax free of charge

15% off added to the original Diving Charter Price

Price per dive
All diving
20 Euro / dive

Payment terms for Full Boat Charter bookings:

When booking 20% of the total amount has to be paid

6 months before departure 50% of the total amount has to be paid.

3 months before departure full chárter amount has to be duly paid.

Not meeting the above mentioned payment terms will lead to the application of the full boat chárter cancellation policy.

Full Boat Charters Cancellation Policy

In case of Cancellation 9 months or earlier prior departure,  75% of the paid amount will be returned.

In case of Cancellation between 9 to 6 months prior departure 65% of the paid amount will be returned

In case of Cancellation between 6 to 3 months prior departure 45% of the paid amount will be returned

In case of Cancellation 3 months or less prior departure, there will be no returned of any paid amount.

Charters for NON Scheduled Routes

If you wish to charter SMY ONDINA or MY OCEANIC for you and your friends and arrange your own itinerary, we can arrange the expedition of your dreams, just tell us where from and where to you want to go and how many days you can spend ….leave all the rest for us!

If you are a Filming Crew or a Professional Research Group and want to charter us for a documentary or a Field Research in any part of the Indonesian territory or in the South Pacific, tell us your needs and we will care for the very minimum detail. We have plenty of experience with filing crews and UW Profs.

Any full charter of the SMY ONDINA or MY OCEANIC must be carefully studied and agreed upon. A minimum of 6 months noticed is required unless itinerary and dates fully meet the published schedule.

Relocation Fee

For every day we may need to relocate S.M.Y. ONDINA or MY OCEANIC to/from her original scheduled port we will charge 1.800 Euro. This amount will never be subject to any return due to the Cancellation Policy.