SMY Oceanic

This is the new member of our family: The Oceanic liveaboard . She can comfortably home a maximum of 12 guests and provide them with an excellent service thus turing into the best option for a full boat charter with your friends, family, or dive buddies from your dive club…etc.

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the Oceanic


The SMY Oceanic will be the specialist in the area between Komodo and the remote islands at the south end of the Banda Sea. She is going to offer you from our 16 years of experience, the following diving regions:



  • Komodo & Rinca Marine National Park: North & South. For all of you who really want to get to know his Majesty in full and specially all of you who have already dive the North and Central part of the straits but have only seen a glimpse of the southern mouth facing the Indian Ocean because weather can get nasty down there in the summer months.  The Oceanic will take you to the spectacular dive sites at the southern mouth of the straits those months when weather is best while all the other boats are in Papua and the land resorts in Labuhanbajo do not get there because they are just too far away.
  • Flores and Alor Straits: Between Komodo and Alor you can find a group of big islands separated by narrow straits as spectacular as the Komodo strait, rarely visited but always ready to provide amazing cruises thanks to their magnificent and unique rich Marine Fauna, although without dragons!. From the very big to the very small plus some secret sites where Rhinopias, mimics and mandarine fish…you name them, have their kingdoms.
  • The Forgotten Islands: The new diving Meca in Indonesia. These remote and forgotten bunch of islands east of Alor at the south of the Banda sea lay at the ridge of the Weber basin with its incredible 7000 mtrs depth. Here Nature can offer the most outstanding surprises: pelagics, hammerheads, whales, huge schools of fish and on top of all that the most exotic fauna for macro lovers in pristine reefs.

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We are building a new web page to show you properly the Ondina and Oceanic services, routes, schedules….etc. Will be fully online in a few weeks, in the meanwhile you can start booking your diving holidays with the Oceanic directly with us via email, trough our international selling agents or through your regular agency